Estetika Tari Baksa Kambang di Tanah Banjar Kalimantan Selatan

Anggi Tri Anggraini, Angelina (2022) Estetika Tari Baksa Kambang di Tanah Banjar Kalimantan Selatan. Skripsi thesis, ISI Yogyakarta.

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ABSTRACT The object of baksa Kambang dance was chosen because this dance is an icon from South Kalimantan which until now still exists and is often performed at several events such as welcoming guests, weddings, and other events. The characteristic of her meek fashion and movements that describe the nature of banjar society is a foothold to see the aesthetic value side in this dance. This study aims to find out the aesthetics of Baksa Kambang dance which is expected to contribute to an aesthetic point of view. The aesthetic research of Baksa Kambang dance shows that aesthetics can be known through: the unity of Baksa Kambang dance lies in the wisdom, movement, and accompaniment. Variety lies in terms of space, namely level, face direction, and volume. Repetition (repetition) can be seen from the calculation of several often repeated motifs contained in the variety of song movements Lagurih out as much as 3x, tandang 5x, kasasumpijng 2x, gudak kambang 4x, and gudak gulu 6x. Contrast can be seen from the opposite motion motifs located in the accompaniment and dance movements, meek movements contrasting with the tempo and rhythm of the rapid accompaniment. Transtition (transition) as a link to the movements that in Baksa Kambang dance are kengser and kijik, namely the movement of shifting sideways which is repeated as much as 16x. Sequences have a syntagmatic relationship system, namely the opening, filling, and closing parts. Balance (balance) in terms of aesthetics, Baksa Kambang dance using dashing gerigit and harmony (harmony) can be seen from the harmony of clothing with gestures and accompaniment. This research uses an aesthetic approach and qualitative research methods. People's view in the beauty of Baksa Kambang dance is found in the clothes, Baksa Kambang dance movements have simple movements, but when combined with their clothes, the movements on baksa Kambang dance look more luxurious. The meek and weak movements began to reflect the characteristics of the Banjar people in speaking words and behaving. Thus the beauty in Baksa Kambang dance can not only be seen from the movements, but can also be seen in the accompaniment, makeup and clothing. Keywords : Aesthetics, Baksa Kambang Dance, South Kalimantan

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Anggi Tri Anggraini, Angelinanim1811759011
ContributorWinarti, Tutiknidn0006126109
ContributorTri Atmadja, Bambangnidn0003035804
Department: KODEPRODI91231#SENI TARI
Uncontrolled Keywords: Estetika, Tari Baksa Kambang, Kalimantan Selatan
Subjects: Tari > Pengkajian Tari
Divisions: Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan > Jurusan Tari > Seni Tari (Pengkajian)
Depositing User: Angelina Anggi Tri Anggraini
Date Deposited: 13 Sep 2022 08:35
Last Modified: 14 Sep 2022 02:36

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