Playing Javanes Gamelan For Autism Liberation

Budi Raharja, 195701121987031001 (2014) Playing Javanes Gamelan For Autism Liberation. In: The 2nd International Conference on Performing Arts 2014, Faculty of Performing Arts, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, 9-10 December 2014, Yogyakarta.


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Music, including Javanese gamelan music, has their own power. This power can be use to improve the quality of human life; balancing brain waves, covering an unpleasant sound, affectingpulse and blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, improving movement and coordination (Campbell, 2001), and increasingthe duration of autistic children concentration (Sussman, 2009). The power of the music isn‘t use optimally, for example Javanese music gamelan for liberation autism. This study aims to measure the optimalization Javanese gamelan liberate autism disorder. The research was done at BinaAnggita Autism School. Nine students were trained playing instruments for arrangement the Javanese children‘s songs and the Javanese popular song. Kendang‘s player controlling tempo, demung and saronbarung use as melody, saronpenerus decorate the melody, and ketuk, kempul, gong playing in kolotomik beat.It sound influenced listener brain waves (move into a comfortable position) and is affect to the mental state and eventually liberates the autism disorder. The training was done twice a week and after six months their musical skill, listen accuracy, and behavior outcomewere analyzed. Musicalinteraction analysis was categorizing children musical skills in to playing independently and playing with their assistance, analysis of listening accuracy used electroencephalography (EEG) program to detect their brain wave when they listened gending and they didn‘t, andanalysis of behavior outcome was done by comparing their daily behavior before and after training.The result was compared in the final analysisand that suitability and differences was explained in teaching learning context, especially parenting care and teacher attitude. As a result, playing gamelan can liberate the autism disorder.The liberation was done by developing the variation of interaction capabilities(behavior outcome)and the results of each child is different. Thechild who musical skill,parenting care, and listeningaccuracywas good gained some behaviors outcome;child whomusical skill and listeningaccuracywas good but the parenting carewas not good gained lessbehaviors outcome, whereas child whomusical skill,listeningaccuracy, and parenting carewere not good didn‘t gained any behaviors outcome.

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